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postheadericon CASE Component I : Environment

The component is aimed at strengthening the DOE’s capacity and capability to effectively address air pollution issues. DOE will implement this component in consultation with relevant stakeholders. The component comprises the following sub-components:

A. Capacity building for AQM

This sub-component includes (i) supporting the DOE’s Air Quality Cell and (ii) establishing a program supporting air quality monitoring, data analysis, and reporting.

(i)    Air Quality Cell (AQC)

Following the completion of Air Quality Monitoring Project (AQMP) and in order to internalize and sustain an AQM program a set-up for an Air Quality Cell (AQC) within the DOE was approved by the government under its revenue budget. However, the set-up approved under the revenue budget was inadequate to cope with the challenges posed by air pollution. For the purpose of the project the core staff of the AQC under revenue budget will be assisted by additional staff and consultants recruited under the project in order to help streamline the different activities.

(ii)    Air quality monitoring, data analysis and reporting

The AQMP helped create an air quality network of five Continuous Air Monitoring Stations (CAMS), with two in Dhaka, and one each in Chittagong, Rajshahi, and Khulna. In addition, the DOE was equipped with nine Satellite Air Monitoring Stations (SAMS), laboratory equipment, and an instrument to measure black carbon from diesel exhaust. It has been proposed to establish six new CAMS under this project.

B. Brick Kilns Emissions Management

Under the sub-component, DOE on one hand will work towards changing the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for brick manufacturing and on the other will help to promote adoption of cleaner technologies and practices with the brick enterprises through support from stakeholder institutions. The project will support a range of activities aimed at reducing local air emission contributions from the brick sector. This will also result in reduced energy consumption and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

(i) Institutional, legal and regulatory aspects

A Brick Project Advisory Committee established under the project that has representation from MOEF, DOE, BBMOA, research & teaching institutions, industry experts and other stakeholders. This advisory committee will oversee the implementation of all the activities in the brick sector.

ii) Introducing cleaner technologies & practices through pilots & technical services development

The project will support pilot initiatives that will help introduce new technologies such as the VSBK or Hybrid Hoffman Kilns or zig-zag habla kilns. In addition, the project will also support pilot initiatives to demonstrate the viability of alternative building materials. For all the pilot initiatives, the project will bear the costs of energy & environmental monitoring associated with them.

C. Communication Campaign
Generating awareness regarding air quality (AQ) concerns among the public through information, education and communication about the sources of air pollution, its impacts and costs, and remedies is important not only for creating awareness, but also to create the demand for clean air from various public constituencies. Hence communication campaigns will be tailored to external stakeholder groups. In addition, internal stakeholder consultation will be undertaken so that project authorities and implementing agencies are equipped to proactively manage the risks and reap the rewards of sustainable environmental initiatives that have a clean air benefit.


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  • Air Quality Monitoring network of DoE has been expanded through installation of 6 new CAMS. Monthly air quality report for major cities of Bangladesh will be available on the website.